PoCo Gets New Bike Lane Along Lougheed Highway

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Cycling enthusiasts and lovers of alternative transportation alike can rejoice now that a new bike lane has been arranged for Port Coquitlam. The dedicated lane will be constructed alongside busy stretch of the Lougheed Highway near the burgeoning Dominion Triangle area.

A committee of city officials budgeted the new bike lane into the total amount needed for the upcoming highway widening project. $75,000 was appropriated for building a dedicated bike lane between Ottawa Street and Sherling Avenue.

The new bike lane will improve access to downtown Port Coquitlam and the new station for the TransLink Evergreen extension. Revenues from the station and other TransLink services will allow the city to recoup up to half their investment on the bike lane, according to city officials.

This improvement is just another example of the city’s efforts to make Port Coquitlam real estate more “liveable” by promoting alternative transportation access and reducing public safety hazards.

New Bike Lane Opened to Connect Port Coquitlam Real Estate to Evergreen Extension

Councillor Dean Washington, chair of the Port Coquitlam budget and infrastructure committee (BIN), helped push forward the initiative to add a bike line to the Lougheed Highway widening project. The effort comes as a response to demands from cyclists, but it also fits in with the city’s efforts to make PoCo more “liveable” for residents of all preferences and needs.

Currently, the segment of highway between Ottawa and Sherling is one of the only gaps within the area’s extensive biking routes. Cyclists were forced to circumvent the stretch or ride alongside fast-moving traffic; neither option was particularly safe given the heavy commercial and commuter traffic in the area.

With the section of bike lane in place, those who live near the new station can bike to the Traboulay PoCo trail, and vice versa. Those crossing the Pitt River Bridge also have a safer ingress into Coquitlam and the Evergreen Extension station. Nearby neighbourhoods like Fremont Townhomes and Birchland Manor will also be able to more easily traverse the area on bike.

In total, the widening project has $375,000 budgeted for it now as part of the city’s current two-year operating plan. The plan will have a period of public consultation from March 27 to April 9; a final bylaw reading is currently scheduled for May 11. The city also plans to review ways to improve its current service levels, but final decisions have yet to be made pending further research.

June Is Bike Month in PoCo, and the Grand Prix Is in July

Although the new bike lane will not be ready in time for it, cyclists can still get excited for PoCo’s Bike Month initiative all throughout June. The city encourages residents to bike for recreation or to make short trips near the neighbourhood on bike during this month.

July is the month of the PoCo Grand Prix, an annual criterium racing event designed to get the whole community involved. The event is held this year on July 14, and many local businesses and groups put effort into making the event fun for everyone, especially families.

Year-round events and ongoing improvements to infrastructure are just some of the ways that living in Port Coquitlam real estate is getting better by the year. You can take a look at some of the new Port Coquitlam homes for sale to join our community as we continually grow and improve.

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