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Statistics are always important when deciding on where you want to live. Statistics can tell you the size of the city, the average age of the population, the average house size as well as a multitude of other facts. All of these may be deciding factors when it comes time to buying your home. Here are the latest demographics for Port Coquitlam and why these demographics are making this one of the most sought after places to live in all of the Lower Mainland.


Port Coquitlam’s population is reported to be 56 342 in the last general census which was conducted in 2011. The city’s population has grown almost seven percent since the last general census which was conducted in 2006.

Most of this growth took place in a select few areas in the city with the majority of the growth occurring in the downtown district as well as the newly built Riverwood neighbourhood. Compared to the other municipalities in the Tri-Cities area, Port Coquitlam grew less than its neighbours (Port Moody – 16.6%) and experienced less growth than the Lower Mainland average of 14%.

Age Distribution

Port Coquitlam’s age distribution of the population, according to the 2011 census, is as follows:

  • Male – 28035
  • Female – 28310
  • 0-14 age group makes up 17.4% of the overall population of Port Coquitlam
  • 15-24 age group makes up 14.1% of the overall population of Port Coquitlam
  • 25-44 age group makes up 28% of the overall population of Port Coquitlam
  • 45-64 age group makes up 30.4% of the overall population of Port Coquitlam
  • 65 + age group makes up 10.1% of the overall population of Port Coquitlam

These demographics show that Port Coquitlam has a younger population than the Tri-City region as a whole and is evenly distributed between men and women. These demographics are reflected in the city’s priority of developing more community centres and a keen focus on working with the school board to provide safer roads and commutes to and from local schools.


The last census (2011) showed that Port Coquitlam had a total of 20 655 occupied dwellings and that the number of dwellings has grown 4% since the previous census. The housing supply in the city is also more diverse than it has ever been with a wide selection of stand-alone homes, townhouses and condos. The recent condo and townhouse developments in the city have contributed to this change and now account for 58% (24% condo/apartment, 34% multi-family townhomes) of the total occupied dwellings available in the city.

Housing costs have not kept up with the trend in the Tri-City area, nor have they kept pace with the Metro Vancouver average. This last statistic is why so many people are finding great value and affordability in the real estate market of Port Coquitlam.


The predominant language spoken in most households in Port Coquitlam is English. Other household languages that are spoken in the home include Cantonese, Chinese, Punjabi, Korean and Tagalog (Filipino). These statistics show that Port Coquitlam is a very diverse community with a thriving population comprised of many different cultures.

A quick glimpse at these demographics will show you that Port Coquitlam is a growing city that is family friendly and culturally diverse. It is a very welcoming community to all ethnicities and has an excellent selection of affordable homes. If you would like more information or specifics about any of these or other demographics of the city or would like to see for yourself why Port Coquitlam is such a popular place to call home, please contact me. I look forward to working with you soon!

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